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Behind the Scenes and Product Photography on a TV Set

Lights, camera, action!, I was able to work behind the scenes shooting content for Wonder Drink’s TV Infomercial filmed by Brandstar, on their amazing set, and also learn about the health benefits of the Kombucha.

Editorial Food Photography Photoshoot

Being able to get out of my comfort zone on every project, is an exciting way to prove yourself as a photographer. For this project, it was the first time i worked on an editorial photoshoot, for a big name brand who truly believed on my passion dedication and talent, the results talk by themselves.

Pharmaceutical Industry Photoshoot

One of the most exciting branches of photography is documenting processes at certain industries, on this case, i was hired to create content for a pharmaceutical company in South Florida, where i had to use my storytelling skills to display the process of the employees entering a lab.